Public Health Reporting

Statutory/Mandatory Reporting to Solano Public Health

Reporting is crucial for disease surveillance, prevention and control and for the early detection of disease outbreaks. The California Health and Safety Code Section 124130 and the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 17, Sections 2500, 2504, 2593, 2643.5, 2810 and 2812 outline the diseases and conditions that are reportable by healthcare providers     and health facility administrators   to the local public health authority; CCR, Title 17, Sections 2505 and 2643.10 outline those that are reportable by laboratories.

In addition to these statutory requirements, Solano Public Health is making the following mandatory:

  • Laboratory results per CCR Title 17, Sections 2500, 2505, 2643.10 and 2643.5 from CLIA-waived devices including point-of-care diagnostic tests in ambulatory settings.

Voluntary Reporting to Solano Public Health

To provide a better understanding of the magnitude of the health issues facing our county and to better target intervention and resource allocation, Solano Public Health is making the following voluntarily reportable and is strongly encouraging their submission:

  • Positive laboratory results for Human Papillomavirus (HPV);

  • Positive laboratory results, including point-of-care devices, for all influenza, regardless of age, and regardless of ICU admission or death; and

  • De-identified negative laboratory results for all diseases per CCR Title 17, Sections 2500, 2505, 2643.10 and 2643.5.

Meaningful Use Reporting to Solano Public Health

Solano Public Health understands that electronic submission of timely, high quality data requires allocation of scarce resources; therefore, SPH has taken steps to align statutory/mandatory and voluntary reporting with HITECH Meaningful Use incentives. For Meaningful Use, SPH has updated its “Declaration of Readiness” to receive and process the following data from all partners, including Eligible Professionals (EPs), Eligible Hospitals (EHs) and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs):

  • Stage 2 and Stage 3 Meaningful Use 2014 Edition, 2015 Edition and 2015-2017 Edition

  • Immunizations (VXU/ADT) and bi-directional queries (QBP/RSP)

  • Syndrome Surveillance

  • Electronic Laboratory Reports

  • Electronic Case Reporting (NEW)

  • Public Health Reporting Registries (NEW)

Solano Public Health and the healthcare community recognize the importance of analyzing, interpreting and sharing data collected through other means, including questionnaires and other instruments, that may or may not be incorporated into electronic medical records. To capture these and identify other health-related issues that impact the community, Solano Public Health has declared the following as public health registries under Meaningful Use:

  • Electronic Community Health Observations (ECHO). This includes community health indicator data, social determinants of health data, child developmental data, behavioral health data, and elderly risk screening data 

  • Cancer Data of Community Interest (CDCI). This includes Cancer Case Incident, electronic pathology results and cancer screening data sets

Reporting directly to State or Regional systems does not qualify EPs, EHs, and CAHs for Meaningful Use unless an exemption has been obtained directly from SPH.


See the California Public Health Electronic Reporting Capacity matrix at:

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